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For first-class beverage program organization, you need a system that effortlessly manages your back-end inventory all the way through to the point of sales. BinWise offers this kind of system with our on-line software application called RealWineLists.

RealWineLists is both easy to use and highly efficient. It links purchasing, inventory management and point of sales systems on one platform to produce real-time, accurate and perfectly formatted wine and beverage lists that you can offer your customers on an iPad or as printed menu items.

You can significantly improve your customer’s experience and create a more efficient beverage program securely from the web.

RealWineLists can help you answer the following questions:

  • What is the bottom line profitability of your beverage program?
  • What are your monthly purchasing budgets?
  • Does your point of sales price perfectly match your wine list price?
  • How much is corked wine costing you?
  • What does your average bottle sell for?
  • Do you have confidence that suppliers are invoicing at the contracted price? If not you can audit supplier invoices and recover any over charges.

The online software for beverage inventory management offers these processes:

  • A programmable pricing model to establish consistent margin across your beverage program.
  • Maintain minimum stock levels with automatic alerts to re-order.
  • Take less than an hour to accurately count 1000 bottles.
  • Provide real-time, accurate and synchronized wine, beer & spirits lists in print, web or iPad. Your printed list will always perfectly match your web list.
  • Have perfectly formatted wine, beer & spirits list on all pages.

Use the power of our ground breaking RealWineLists on-line solution to modernize your beverage program in its entirety and re-discover your beverage program. Itís time for our product.

RealWineLists for iPad

Go paperless with your wine list on our RealWineLists iPad solution. Click here our to see our RealWineList iPad solution used by French Laundry.

Coming Soon

BinWise Connect mobile application for wine/beverage directors and suppliers/distributors. It's time to connect buyers to suppliers.

what they're saying...
“The single best piece of software to run a restaurant wine program we have seen, by a mile. The only on-line app that help us manage every aspect of our now considerable wine list.” - Ken Frank (Chef at La Toque)
“All information about my beverage program is accurate & available real-time. If you want to keep your cellar and data accessible and organized, RealWineLists is the only solution I recommend.” - Hristo Zisovski (Wine Director at Alta Marea Group)
“I cannot manage any of my wine inventory across my restaurants without BinWise’s RealWineLists on-line app.” - Rajat Parr (Wine Director for Mina Group)
“We had no visibility over any of our inventory across the group. We can now effectively manage our profit margins.” - Paul Mekis (Wine Director for Rosewood Hotels)
“By effectively tracking our cellar at Saison, RealWineLists is a life saver for us.” - Mark Bright (Owner of Saison)
“RealWineLists is the most comprehensive and intelligent platform for inventory, wine list management, ordering and reporting that I have used. I can't imagine running a wine program without it now.” - Dustin Wilson MS (Wine Director at Eleven Madison Park and NoMad)
“I have used BinWise’s RealWineLists software for over three years and I love the ease, comfort and speed it adds to my life.” - Michael Scaffidi (Wine Director - Plume at the Jefferson Hotel)
“BinWise’s RealWineLists has obviously been developed by people who once did what we do: manage beverage programs in restaurants. I cannot recommend this powerful tool highly enough.” - Taylor Parsons (Beverage Director - Mozza Restaurant Group)